Uneven Emergence and Drought

scouted June 28, 2024

Soybeans were scouted at the V1 growth stage and poor emergence of soybeans were observed in widespread areas across the field. This environment had not received sufficient rainfall in over 25 days. These soybeans were planted into very dry, sandy soil, and this field is not irrigated.
This issue was confirmed by an NC State Extension Specialist as uneven emergence caused by drought. Poor or uneven emergence in soybeans can occur due to a few reasons. In this instance, it is caused by drought. A soybean seed needs to take up 50 percent of its weight in water in order to germinate and begin to elongate. In this environment, some areas of the field hold water at a greater capacity than other areas, these places are where soybeans are emerged. Planting deeper to aid in moisture availability is one option. However, planting too deep can be detrimental.

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