Spider Mite Damage

scouted July 9, 2024

Soybeans were scouted at the R4 growth stage and when scouted, spider mites were observed to be at threshold.
This issue was confirmed by an NC State Extension Specialist as damage from Spider Mites. Spider mites pierce individual cells of the plant and consume the inner contents, killing this cell and those around it. As a result, the symptomology associated with spider mites can include visible specks of white, yellow, or brown stipples on the leaves, and in severe cases dropping of injured leaves. Spider mites are more of a problem when conditions are hot and dry. In this environment, conditions have been pristine for infestations. It is important to note that spider mites are not insects, so it is crucial to consult any recommended insecticide labels. Continued scouting is recommended, along with following general principles of IPM.

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