Beet Armyworm Damage

scouted Aug. 2, 2023

Soybeans were scouted at the V3 growth stage and multiple plants with a "ragged" appearance were observed. When scouted, noticeable oblong shaped holes that turned into necrotic tissue was observed. These were soybeans in research plots planted in mid-July.
This injury was confirmed by an NC State Extension Specialist as damage from Beet Armyworms. Beet armyworms mainly effect late-planted seedling soybeans. Which correlates to the damage seen in these later planted soybeans across this environment. Small larvae skeletonize the lower leaves, and large larvae feed over the whole plant. Insecticides can be utilized if numbers reach threshold, but take note that beet armyworm have resistance to some insecticide classes. Continued scouting throughout the field and along edges is recommended.

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