Manganese and Boron Deficiency

scouted July 7, 2023

Soybeans were scouted at the R2 growth stage and interveinal chlorosis along with pale green color of the whole plant was observed.
This issue was confirmed by an NC State Extension Specialist as a Manganese (Mn) and Boron (B) Deficiency. Interveinal chlorosis of leaves, pale green color of the whole plant, and stunted growth can be associated with a manganese deficiency in soybeans. If an environment has been over applied with lime, a manganese deficiency may be observed as a result of limited availability at high pH. Shortened internodes, yellowing or rendering of upper leaves, and deformed or dead terminal or growing points can be associated with a boron deficiency in soybeans. Excessive or lower amounts of rainfall can result in a reduction of B uptake.

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